Mionetto USA

Mionetto USA is proud to be among the highest quality wine and spirits importing companies operating in the United States. Our goals are to estab- lish our brands as the premier mark of quality and to serve our distributors, retailers, restaurants and consumers with superior service and attention. 

Mionetto USA, Inc. started in late 1997 to bring the Mionetto family of
wines to the United States. As a unified team we work to promote and edu- cate distributors, retailers, restaurateurs and consumers about our portfo- lio, particularly about Prosecco. Today, Mionetto is the brand leader in the US market's Prosecco category. 

Mionetto’s corporate office is comprised of the following departments: 

Marketing Department
The sole purpose of the marketing department is to establish the identity of Mionetto USA, while branding “Mionetto” as the Prosecco consumers iden- tify with. With a staff of creative, proactive and energetic people, we bring high quality products to the market and develop a strong image for each of our brands.

Sales Department
The sales department is a very lean but effective and passionate organization consisting of a managing director, vice president of sales, regional managers and a network of established brokers, all whom aid our distributors with programs and support for sell-in and sell-through. Mionetto depends on an enthusiastic sales force to create an alliance and communicate directly with key representatives and retailers to successfully reach our consumers. 

Operation & Logistics
The operation and logistics department allows for the marketing and sales departments to function properly by managing the purchasing and warehouse inventory of the products, as well as providing freight and customs control. Great attention is paid to inventory turn over and production planning in order to ensure the availability of
our brands in the market. The secret of Prosecco is its freshness and we guarantee it by directly supervising the products from the winery to our retailers. 

Finance & Administration
The finance and administration departments oversee and minimize operating expenses to keep our prices competitive and our support readily available. We ensure that all Mionetto teams function with the necessary tools in a timely and efficient manner, while also addressing any customer service issues. 

At Mionetto USA, we are all brand ambassadors from sales to administration. The team is deeply passionate about connecting our wines, wineries, territories, distributors, retailers and consumers on an intimate level. We live our brands and we Live Lively!

Mionetto USA
81 Main Street
White Plains, NY 10601